Mission Statement

The time of the great awakening is upon us dear Brothers and Sisters of the Light. The metamorphosis of human kind from Shadow to Light is upon us. The promise of the Golden Age for Mother Earth and her Children are on the horizon. Our mission is to help each other walk the path and light the lamp of love and light which lives in your own heart. We have an open invitation as God’s Children to choose the passage from shadow to light. All you must do is open your heart to the Creator of All That Is- The Supreme Being ¬†who lives inside of your heart. Whether you refer to that being as God, Buddha, Jesus, Rama, Brahma, Allah, Light, Spirit, The Great I AM; it is important to respect everyone’s divine right to worship as they see fit. For there is only one religion the religion of love, one language the language of the heart, one God and he is Omnipresent. We are all one and God’s Children. No matter how diverse our paths are know that all paths lead and light your way home. Allow the divine consciousness of love and light to permeate your true being and find the power within to shine your light on the World. Be the Light and Shine bright. Your true power lies within you dear brothers and sisters of the Light.